Colloration Programme

  • Our school participates in the “Hong Kong Research Grants Council Sponsored by the Department of Applied Social Sciences of City University of Hong Kong and the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University” to promote teachers’ “interactive dialogue” reading skills through picture book teaching, so as to help children’s language skills .
  • Our school liaises with primary schools in the district and arrange visits for senior students and their parents.
  • Our school participates in the “Education Bureau-School-Based Support – School-based Professional Support Service: Enriching children’s learning experience in “early mathematics” and fostering the development of children’s mathematical thinking.
  • Our school participates in the “Sing” Project organized by the Center for Health Education and Promotion of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to track the research plan, review and examine the development of children’s diet, physique, emotion, behavior and other aspects, so as to contribute to the healthy development of children Make suggestions and improvements.
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